A Message from the President

Have you ever been moved to the core of your being?

When a person becomes aware of and encounters an amazing milieu which they had never before experienced in their life, they can be moved to the core of their being and their understanding of the world can be greatly altered. The moment one encounters an unknown world, that world becomes known. This is how we define joy.

Each time one experiences joy, one’s world is expanded. Joyful experiences nurture highly unique sensitivities that cannot be obtained through study and practice, and expand the sensual world.

Through the power of joy, people become the medium of joy, and express that joy in words, movement, and actions. These behaviors invite empathy, through which joy spreads. The joy of one can change the awareness of many, expanding sensitivity and enabling greater contentment.

Since our founding, we at Murayama have worked hard to produce meetings between people for rich communications. In doing so, we have created countless experiences of joy. We have been able to share in that joy through the shining smiles it has evoked.

When people encounter joy, they experience joy. They gain a sense of contentment in their hearts, experience happiness, and as a result, wish for happiness for others. We believe our role at Murayama is to help create a world of expanding sensitivity and an abundant society of compassion and contentment in which people experience happiness and hope for the happiness of others.

We will continue to create countless opportunities for joy in order to create that society of compassion and contentment.

Hajime Kusakabe,
President. Murayama Inc.