Murayama's History

Accumulating memorable experiences of joy into the future.....

We at Murayama have created countless joyful memories through historical episodes where people have gathered, and Murayama will continue to create joy into the future.

1902 With the progress of humanity

Murayama was founded one year before the Wright Brothers made the world's first flight at Kitty Hawk in the United States.

1906 With a triumph

Murayama built the arch of triumph at Shiba-Daimon in Tokyo.

1920 As a pioneer

Murayama engaged in production of Japan's first refreshment stand in a style that has become common nowadays. It first came to public attention in the area, which is today's Sunamachi in Koto-ku, Tokyo.

1952 With hope

Murayama worked on the production of a boxing match with Yoshio Shiraishi, who became the first Japanese to win the world championship title and who came to embody the hopes of the nation in post-war Japan.

1964 Behind the scenes of the great leap

Murayama worked for the Thirty-Sixth Olympiad in Tokyo, which was the first modern Olympic Games held in Asia, promoting excitement throughout Japan.

1966 With a legend

Murayama engaged in the production of the legendary performance of the Beatles during their first visit to Japan. The performance was an influential event on the music industry and also on future generations.

1970 Striving to achieve the country's first exposition

After its involvement in the International Exposition in Osaka held during a period of rapid economic growth, Murayama worked for various subsequent expositions in Japan and overseas.

1980 At the dawn of the age of exhibitions

A large number of corporate exhibitions and trade fairs were held on scale.

1990 Coming into contact with the world of amusement parks

Murayama worked on a make-or-break project for an indoor theme park - Sanrio Puro Land. It opened the way for Murayama's participation in projects for various other amusement facilities, including Universal Studios Japan (USJ).

Sanrio Puro Land
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2002 Beyond an event on an international scale

In the year that marked Murayama's 100th anniversary, the entire world shared the excitement of 2002 FIFA World Cup, the first ever to be held in Asia.