A Message from the President


Our minds are tirelessly generating new ideas.
How could things be made even more fun and enjoyable?
We are constantly asking ourselves these questions, and our imagination is endless.

We are always seeking moving experiences that stimulate our unique creative abilities.
At times this leads us to unchartered territories and a bursting of creativity.
Empowered by this ability, we turn dreams into future possibilities and into reality.

All work comes with new discoveries and new creations.
Every employee is a creator at Murayama who sees the creative and attractive potential in everything.
They bring new discoveries and creations to society, and open the way to an even more exciting future.

Our group of creators examines what is at the heart of their desired outputs and embarks on challenges.
They deliver moving experiences and play an active role at the company, expanding our reach from Japan to the world.

The future created by Murayama is filled with heart-warming communications, where excitement and hopes are transformed into memorable moments.
It is a future in which people have shared spiritual connections and diverse moving experiences.

We aim to be a source of inspiration for creating a happier and spiritually enriching society.

Toshihiko Yagura,
President. Murayama Inc.