Company Philosophy

Murayama is working to cultivate sensitive employees and foster an emotionally rich society by creating moving experiences for as many people as possible.

Moving experiences have power.

They fill people with happiness.
They inspire people to new thoughts and actions.
Moving experiences are events that people never forget. The memories of them warm the heart even years later.

When people have moving experiences, they talk about it. The power of moving experiences to make people happy inspires them to treat others with respect. These experiences encourage us to sympathize, to understand, and to cooperate with the people we meet. Moving experiences are the ties that bind society together.

We create moving experiences in order to foster an emotionally rich society.
In emotionally rich societies, people are considerate of their fellow citizens. They actively work for the betterment of themselves and others. People in emotionally rich societies know happiness, and they seek out opportunities for growth by empathizing with other people. In an emotionally rich society, people make heartfelt connections.
Moving experiences are the energy that powers these kinds of societies.

Over our more than 100-year history, Murayama has been through a lot with its customers.
The tremendous knowledge and experience we have accumulated through our history is a wonderful asset, and gives us special insight.
The many things that we have learned in our interactions with people through our many activities related to communication continue to serve as a source of growth for both the company and each employee.
Everyone at Murayama is working to cultivate their individual sensibilities and use the tremendous knowledge we have gained throughout our storied history to develop unique ideas.
We will continue to use everything we have learned about the creation of moving experiences to our advantage.
Our employees will continue to create even more moving experiences throughout society.

It is the goal of everyone in the Murayama Group to become emotionally rich and produce emotionally rich ideas.
We develop new and exciting ideas in order to offer people moving experiences.
All of us have the mindset of a creator. Every employee works on a daily basis to actualize their own ideas.
We work every day to cultivate relationships and promote intriguing new concepts, and in doing so, we strive to surpass expectations.

Moving into the future, the Murayama Group will continue its work to be recognized as a company that creates communications that produce moving experiences. We aim to continue to be considered a leading company for the creation of moving experiences by everyone working to foster an emotionally rich society alongside us.