Events and Ceremonies

Anniversaries and commemorative ceremonies

International events, conventions, and anniversary commemorative events and ceremonies for corporations and organizations, provide joyful moments that can unite the hearts of all participants as one.
We at Murayama support those joyous moments by leveraging the creativity we have nurtured in planning and operating countless major events and ceremonies, and our highly reliable skills honed through installations that are carried out to perfection.

Sporting Events

We have prepared countless venues where the vibrant energy of both athletes and supporters echoes through the stadium for a wide variety of international sporting events such as soccer and figure skating.
We will continue to leverage our wide ranging experience in both domestic and overseas events to enable the creation of sporting moments which become famous in history and which become lasting memories.

Festivals and Public Relations Events

We have supported countless well known events that likely everyone has heard of and participated in, including product promotional events and campaigns, as well as festivals and exhibitions.
At Murayama, we constantly leverage our abundant creativity to generate new appeal, and we work hard to always share the joys which create lasting memories.

From planning through production and operation, we work closely with our customers and stand in their shoes to provide a wide range of support services.
Please feel free to contact us at any time.