Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Exhibition Booths

We leverage our creativity and skill based on our expertise in a diverse range of industries to always ensure that we can provide you with the time and space for the best possible communication in order to bring success to your booth.

Private Shows

When customers host private shows on their own to announce new products, it is essential to present a unified concept and clear message.
We at Murayama leverage our proprietary knowledge cultivated through our experience in events, trade shows, and showrooms, and make full use of a wide variety of methodologies, to provide the optimal production support and ensure you achieve your goals.

Hosting and secretariat operations

Venue construction and operations by the event hosts are essential for ensuring that trade shows attract as many visitors as possible.
We at Murayama possess deep knowledge of the facilities and characteristics of almost every leading major trade show venue and hotel venue in Japan. We have long experience in providing the optimum in hospitality based on an understanding of the host’s goals for not only a wide range of major trade shows, but for the launching of new trade shows as well.
We will continue to connect hosts, exhibitors, and attendees by providing a space for the best possible communications.

From planning through production and operation, we work closely with our customers and stand in their shoes to provide a wide range of support services.
Please feel free to contact us at any time.