Murayama Inc. (“Our Company”) offers an integrated system for providing services ranging from carrying out surveys to planning, designing, installing, constructing, operating and aftercare in the production of exhibitions, public relations facilities, showrooms, cultural facilities, amusement facilities, immersive environment and design, ceremonies, functions, international conferences, expositions, sporting events and a variety of other opportunities for people to connect. We exercise the highest degree of care in handling personal information as an operator of a business in creating attractive spaces.

As such, Our Company has acquired a Privacy Mark to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information as part of our activities in information management. Our policy on protecting information is outlined below.

Section 1: Basic Policy on Information

  • Our Company shall clarify the purpose of use in handling personal information, and obtain, use and provide personal information strictly within its scope. We will implement measures to prevent its use for any other purposes.
  • In handling personal information, Our Company has established a system for protecting information spearheaded by the Representative Director and, designated personnel responsible for operating this system for protecting confidential information, to ensure consistent handling up to the level of personnel in charge at Our Company .
  • Personal information obtained by Our Company in the course of business operations shall be handled in accordance with laws, regulations, national guidelines and other norms regarding the handling of personal information. We have also established a personal information protection management system compliant with JISQ15001 to ensure the strict handling and management of such information.
  • Regarding Specific Personal Information , Our Company shall adhere to the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures , the Act on the Protection of Personal Information , and the Basic Guidelines Concerning the Appropriate Handling of Specific Personal Information (for businesses), in addition to implementing systematic, human, physical and technological measures to ensure the safe management of personal information, and execute its handling and management with the highest degree of care.
  • Our Company shall implement all necessary measures to prevent and deal with unauthorized access to personal information, its loss, destruction, modification or leakage.
  • In operating and maintaining this information management system, Our Company shall strive to further enhance its precision, while continuing efforts to make improvements to ensure its reliability.

Section 2: The Types and Purposes of Personal Information Handled by Our Company

Types of personal information Purposes of use
Personal information of persons in charge at business partners (e.g., business cards) Contacting for the purpose of business, or sending congratulatory messages, condolences and seasonal greetings
Personal information on contractors and subcontractors Preparing lists of on-site workers for property management, executing on-site operations, contacting people for business, and preparing emergency contact lists
Personal information on job applicants Contacting applicants and recruitment activities, e.g., selection process
Personal information on employees To be notified or publicized separately
Personal information on employee families Company PR
Personal information of the person in charge of the company exhibiting at exhibitions Use for contacting, verifying, tabulating, sending materials, etc., as required by operations by Our Company at exhibitions, etc.
Personal information entrusted to us by customers Use for contacting, verifying, tabulating, sending materials, etc., as required by operations by Our Company at events, exhibitions, etc.
Personal information on people who make inquiries Use for responding to inquiries
Specific personal information on employees, business partners (individual proprietors) and stockholders Use only for purposes stipulated by laws and ordinances
Personal information on stockholders Management of stockholders

Section 3: Education on Information Management

  • Our Company ensures the notification of all employees on our management system, and holds workshops once a year to maintain awareness.
  • Our Company concludes contracts with contractors and subcontractors that include articles on protecting information, and holds Safety and Hygiene Cooperation Conferences for them once a year, or workshops whenever necessary.

Section 4: Handling of Information

  • Our Company uses or provides personal information only for purposes agreed upon, and shall never provide or disclose it to third parties for other purposes.
  • Our Company shall only use Specific Personal Information for purposes stipulated in laws and ordinances, and shall never provide or disclose it to third parties for other purposes.
  • Our Company shall exercise the highest degree of care in handling personal information.
  • Approval shall be obtained from customers regarding information through memoranda, contracts and other documents.
  • When managing information, a manager shall be appointed from among the employees ofby Our Company when necessary. Moreover, an organizational chart will be prepared if an organization must be set up to manage information.
  • If information must be returned due to a prior agreement, this will be done upon destroying all duplicates and copies of it.
  • Please consult with the person in charge in advance if complete destruction is required.
  • If customers have their own information management regulations, we will make our best effort to make adjustments to ensure conformity between our system and the customers’ systems to enable us to conduct more effective management of information.
  • As a general rule, Our Company shall respond quickly to requests from customers to disclose, correct, add or delete personal information managed by us, or refuse its use or provision, or requests for the notification of its purpose of use.
  • Our Company shall respond without delay should we receive complaints from those concerned regarding the handling of their personal information or the personal information management system.

Section 5: Handling Emergencies

  • In the event of a serious breach of privacy during the course of operations, Our Company shall promise total cooperation with customers in trying to elucidate its cause, and set up an investigation committee to investigate the matter.
  • Reports shall be submitted regularly by the investigation committee on the findings of investigations upon discussion with customers.
  • In addition, the investigation committee shall disclose materials and information as required based on requests from customers.

Section 6: Publicizing of the Management System

  • Our Company shall publicize policies on the rights of customers on the company website at all times.
  • In the event of organizational changes or changes to the policy requiring public notification regarding protecting personal information, Our Company shall ensure the prompt posting of information on our website.

Date of enactment: November 18, 2005
Date of revision: April 25, 2018
Murayama Inc.
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