Taking action now for the next 100 years.

Changing the present will undoubtedly change the future. Murayama is striving to establish flexible work environments that make it more comfortable for all employees to do their work and motivate them to continue working with us for a long time, in order to make our business more sustainable.

  • Environmental initiatives
  • Initiatives to support employee success and to foster the next generation

Realizing a sustainable and connected society

We create attractive spaces and various opportunities for people to meet across a wide range of business sectors including exhibitions, public relations facilities, showrooms, cultural facilities, amusement facilities, immersive environments, ceremonies, functions, international conferences, expositions and sporting events. Our aim is to inspire countless people and thereby realize a joyous and more connected society.

Reducing the use of energy and resources

At our offices, we will continue to maintain and manage efforts to cut our consumption of power, paper and gasoline, and strive to sort and reduce waste.

Environmentally friendly designs

We will make proactive use of environmentally friendly designs, plans and materials. We will also promote reuse, manage materials and waste, and properly handle waste at construction sites to ensure that our business is sustainable and founded on environmental friendliness.

Promoting the use of an environmentally friendly modeling material

Futu Rush® is our unique environmentally friendly modeling material used in place of FRP.



Co-creating social value

We will offer environmentally friendly proposals to our clients as a partner for co-creating social value.

Adhering to environmental regulations

We will adhere to all applicable environmental regulations, as well as other agreed upon requirements.

Publicizing environmental conservation activities

We will raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation activities among all employees and cooperating companies, and rigorously publicize this policy.

Disclosure of information on environmental initiatives

We will publicize information about our environmental initiatives on our company website for the purpose of disclosure.

Embracing contributions from all employees

For the kind of future that we are aiming for, we believe it will be crucial for people to respect one another’s individuality and to think and act together with a diverse group of people.
We will make the most of the individuality and diverse values of every employee at our company to establish environments where they can all contribute and feel motivated in their work. In particular, we will establish work environments and initiatives to make sure that people raising children or caring for the elderly can maintain motivation in their work, while continuing their lifestyles.

Duration February 1, 2021 – January 31, 2026
Goals Goal 1: Aim for 50% of new recruits to be women
Goal 2: Establish work environments that support diverse lifestyle needs
Details Formulate a recruitment plan
- Conduct a survey of recruits from previous fiscal year
- Determine the number of people to be recruited
- Calculate the male to female ratio among recruits

Encourage the use of paid annual holidays
- Clarify systems, rules, etc., and notify all employees via the intranet
- Promote the systematic use of paid annual holidays
- Aim to have employees use more than seven days per year

Promote the use of paid holidays for the purpose of childrearing
- Notify everyone of the availability of childcare leave and promote its use
- Notify everyone of the availability of parental leave and promote its use
- Post information in the in-house newsletter (web) over six consecutive months
- Aim for a rate of use of over 15% for parental leave


February 2017 Anniversary holiday system introduced
April 2021 Time-based annual paid holiday system introduced
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Initiatives to support employee success and to foster the next generation

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