We inspire ourselves and others as we change with the times.We inspire ourselves and others as we change with the times.

Bringing our knowledge and skill in creating inspiration, accumulated over 120 years, into the future

As we reflect on our past, we wish to once again express our gratitude to everyone that has supported us.

Our company was founded in 1902 as Asahikumi Murayama Soshokusha, a decoration company. As the company honed its skills in the industry for decorations to create special spaces in everyday life, its name was changed to Sankyogumi Murayama Soshokusha. Then it split into two companies: Murayama Soshokusha, specializing in decorations, and Murayama Butai Co., Ltd, specializing in stage design. The two companies merged again to become Murayama Soshoku Butai Co. Ltd., which went on to become Murayama Inc. on its 80th anniversary year.

The company has its roots in decorations and theater, but we have evolved with the times – expanding our business from decorations to displays. Today, we continue to expand our scope by creating inspiring and extraordinary spaces across ever broader parts of society and people’s lives.

Inspiring experiences created through excellent customer service

Murayama has a long history of creating inspiration and has always stayed close to people’s hearts even as times changed. Motivated by people’s diverse desires and wishes, we offer them entertainment with a craftsman-like attention to detail and excellent customer service .

The times are constantly changing, so we must keep an eye on, pay attention to, and give consideration to everything. We will share in our customers’ struggles and ideas, build on our knowledge and experience in creating inspiration, and identify and provide what it is that they truly want.

We believe that a future created by this Murayama-style customer service will inspire society and make people feel more connected to each other.

Looking beyond our 120th anniversary We will continue to create inspiration through excellent customer service.

Murayama Inc.
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